The Right Way

From his time as a St Louis Cardinals minor league pitcher, to over 30 years of public service, including 16 years as East Alton’s Treasurer and the last five years as Mayor of the Village, Joe Silkwood has always believed there is a “right way” to do things.

As your next Madison County Auditor, Joe Silkwood will do what is right for you, the taxpayer, by safeguarding your tax dollars, protecting your data security, scrutinizing expenditure requests at the County level and being accountable to the people who hired him – the taxpayers and voters of Madison County.

For The Good For The People

“I’ve been a public servant in the Village of East Alton for over 30 years. I never served a party. I served the people of the Village. I never asked, ‘Is this a Republican idea or is it a Democratic idea?’ I have always asked, simply, ‘Is this a good idea and is it good for the people?

“The citizens of Madison County deserve a government that looks less like Federal and more like local government – one team working together, doing the right thing for the people of the County.”